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BulbFin connects you to exceptional financial planners.

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We face many crucial decisions throughout our lives. Financial or otherwise, having an experienced professional to guide you through those big moments gives you peace of mind and clarity over your choices.

Whether you are looking for pension, investment or protection advice, a great financial adviser will guide you through every step of the journey. Empowering you to make informed decisions.

BulbFin connects you to exceptional financial planners

These are qualified and experienced individuals, who are regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority and have the expertise to help inform you on complex financial matters.

Our advisers will take the time to understand your lifestyle, goals, requirements and attitude to risk, before translating these into a carefully considered financial plan.

Simply click ‘Apply Now’, enter your details and book a call with one of our advisers for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

BulbFin connects you to exceptional financial planners.

Inheritance Tax & estate planning

Efficient planning to minimise taxation and seamlessly pass on your assets.

Tax Planning

Make sure you don’t pay more than you need to, with expert tax planning.

Retirement Planning

Achieve the retirement you want and desire by speaking to a retirement planning expert.

Philanthropy, Gifts and Charity

Ensure your money ends up in the right hands.

Full Financial Planning

Achieve complete clarity, control and financial security with a full financial plan.

Protection Planning

Whatever the future holds, ensure you and your family are protected.

Corporate Services

Making business owners life’s easier, more efficient and profitable through expert planning.

Investment Planning

Whether you’re looking to invest for growth or income, the correct investment strategy is crucial in securing your financial well-being.

“The advice I receive is always clear, concise and relevant. Very pleased to be working with my chosen adviser and impressed with the BulbFin service despite initial scepticism.”

Graham Clarke, Bath

“Having always thought financial planning was the preserve of the uber wealthy I’m delighted I took the plunge and scheduled a call with an adviser. Their advice has been invaluable in getting my finance in order and making my money work and go a bit further.”

Justine Nott, Knaresborough

“Incredibly helpful advice received with thanks in regard to inheritance tax. Thankful knowing my estate will be better preserved.”

Sally Hemming, Bucks

Great Advice To Guide Complex Decisions

Uncomplicated, jargon-free advice to start your financial journey.

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Risk Warning
Any investment carries a degree of risk and your investments may decrease in value or fail. The levels and bases of taxation and reliefs can change at any time and are dependent on individual circumstances.