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Self-employed? What happens if you can’t work?

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What happens if you fall ill?

Having the drive to become self-employed is an amazing achievement but it comes with risks.

Those include the fact most people will not earn money unless they’re working.

So, what happens if you get ill?

Discover Income Protection

We’re always amazed more self-employed individuals do not know about Income Protection.

In the event you can’t work, Income Protection will pay up to 75% of your gross monthly income as a tax-free lump sum.

How you spend this is up to you. It can help you pay the bills and maintain your lifestyle while you’re out of action.

Even if you don’t end up going back to work, Income Protection will continue to pay until the end of the policy term.

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Did you know that every year over a million people in the UK are off work for a month or longer due to illness?

And did you know that in the UK, the current level of Statutory Sick Pay is just £96.35 per week? That’s for employed people, if you’re self-employed you won’t qualify to receive anything.

Think about that for a moment.

Now, let’s compare this to the actual cost of living in the UK: an average of £500 per week. Not forgetting days out, other finance agreements and debts, alternative modes of transport, birthdays, medication, and other necessities such as clothing or providing for more than one child.

If you were unable to work due to a serious illness or injury.

…Would you be able to cope with £96.35 per week?

Regardless of whether you have children or not, if getting ill or injured means you couldn’t pay the bills, then you might want to consider income protection insurance.

An IP claim is not a one-off payment. Claims can last for years and will pay out up to 75% of your income each month in a tax-free lump sum.

At LV, the longest ever claim has run for 32 years and counting, for a member who has since been diagnosed with epilepsy following a stroke. Their payout now totals nearly £300,000.

If you would like to explore whether income protection insurance is right for you, then get in touch with us for FREE, no obligations advice.

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