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What is Pension Consolidation?

Pension consolidation is the process of combining some or all of your pensions into one single pot. Many of us will work several jobs during our careers, accumulating multiple pensions as we go. Trying to keep track of several pensions is difficult, pension consolidation gives you clarity and control over your money.

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1.6 Million Pensions Are Lost

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) estimates that over £19.4 billion’s worth of pension pots are currently lost. BulbFin can consolidate your pensions to help you regain control of your money. In some circumstances, we can even recover ‘lost’ pension pots too.

Take back control of your pension

Combining your pensions into a single pot will help you gain clarity and control over your money. Putting you back in the driving seat and giving you a solid financial foundation for the future.

  • Keep your money in one, easily accessible place
  • Only one management fee, saving you money
  • Potential for a better return on investment
  • Every adviser is regulated by the FCA
  • Greater investment choices
  • It’s easier to track and manage your money
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Receive a tailored pension plan

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Who Can Benefit From Pension Consolidation?

Anyone who has worked in multiple jobs and accumulated more than one pension may benefit from BulbFin’s advice. All our advisers are regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority and will provide impartial advice with your best interests at heart.

The Benefits of Pension Consolidation
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Combine Your Pensions

Transferring your pensions into a single, consolidated pot can reap rewards. For a start, having all your money in one place gives you much more clarity and control over it. Making it easier to make informed decisions and improving the chances of better returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Pension Consolidation

Regulated Pension Advice

Every BulbFin adviser is regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority.

“Just used BulbFin to help consolidate my pensions and couldn’t be happier. Finally got oversight on my money after working multiple jobs and accumulating different pensions here and there.”

Carl Thomas, Southampton

“I reckon I would have lost or forgotten about some of my pension pots if I hadn’t used this service, my future self will thank me!”

Kerri Hayles, Cheshire

“Amazed how simple it was to combine all my pensions. Have a clear picture now of my finances, invaluable service and advice – thank you.”

Jess Peters, Leicester

Great Advice To Guide Complex Decisions

Uncomplicated, jargon-free advice to start your financial journey.

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Risk Warning
Any investment carries a degree of risk and your investments may decrease in value or fail. The levels and bases of taxation and reliefs can change at any time and are dependent on individual circumstances.