Is Pension Consolidation a Good Idea?

It’s easy to accumulate more workplace pensions than you can shake a stick at. Indeed, more than you can keep track of. If you’ve forgotten they exist or concentrate on more recent acquisitions; they could simply fester in pricey, poor-performing funds. The admin alone can be head-spinning.

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Should I Consolidate My Pensions?

40% of adults with dependents are not taking out life insurance according to research from MoneySuperMarket. The survey, which was conducted in January, found this was due to three main reasons, including: […]

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Should You Combine Pension Pots?

Some people only have one pension pot but according to one recruitment site, the average person will have six pension pots in their lifetime. For today’s millennials, this figure could rise, as they are less likely to stay in one job for the long term. They are more likely to have twelve jobs in their […]

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Risk Warning
Any investment carries a degree of risk and your investments may decrease in value or fail. The levels and bases of taxation and reliefs can change at any time and are dependent on individual circumstances.